Snap to Grid: Construction Site & More

December 17, 2009

Snap to GridWelcome to the latest edition of Snap to Grid, our semi-regular showcase of community maps and mods for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars. As always, MC-mappa Terry ‘Salteh’ Seidler is here to give you a guided tour of some of the latest happenings in Mapping Land.

Fully living up to its ‘semi-regular’ label, Snap to Grid was last seen several months ago, just before going on the world’s longest Mediterranean pleasure cruise. A lot has happened since, so let’s dive right in with an extensive look at the latest version of Contruction Site, which has come a long way since we first featured it earlier this year.

Construction Site

Construction Site made its first appearance in Snap to Grid about eight months ago, back when the project was just getting started. We thought it looked promising, but there wasn’t much in place besides the overall layout and blockouts. Since then, the team has been hard at work making the map look pretty, adding objectives, tweaking bits here and there. Beta 1 of Construction Site was released in November, so it’s about time we have another look at the map.


The story behind Contruction Site is fairly straightforward: Several moons ago, the Strogg were scouting this particular area, gathering vital intelligence about GDF activities in the zone. Unfortunately for them, they were annihilated and forced to leave a DataBrain containing all of their collected intelligence behind. The GDF managed to secure the DataBrain and placed it in an underground facility and it’s now your task to either retrieve or defend the DataBrain.

To get to the underground location, the Strogg team must destroy the Subway Barricade blocking the entrance. Anticipating this move, GDF High Command has ordered this gate to be protected by force field. So, your first objective on the Strogg side will be to disable this force field, which can be done by hacking the Generator Controls. Once the generator is down, a Strogg Aggressor’s explosive charge can make quick work of the Barricade and you’ll be able to proceed underground.


If the Strogg manage to pick up the DataBrain, they will have to make their way up to the university building, located above ground. Transmitting the intelligence is done using a console in one of the university’s rooms… and you can bet that the GDF will be defending this desperately!

Interested in the map, or are you not sure? Why not have a look at the map’s forum thread, or this neat-tastic video by Donnovan?


What else is new?

Azuvector has released version 0.3.3 of his realism mod Tactical Assault. For more information, have a look at the forum thread or the Tactical Assault website. Splash Damage’s very own MoP squeezed out beta 2 of Teamjungle, and it’s filled with lots of jungle green (and trees). Have a look and give it a try.

After reading about these new and cool projects, what do you think would be a great idea for a new mod, maps, or objectives? Let us know in the comments!