Snap to Grid: After The War 3: Nightraid

September 16, 2008

Snap to GridPlease step behind the yellow line and mind your limbs, another edition of our ETQW user content showcase Snap to Grid is about to arrive!

This week, ETQW Mapping‘s Chairman and world-famous duck collector Terry ‘Salteh’ Seidler takes a look at the latest beta version of After the War 3: Nightraid, an earlier version of which was featured in the second installment of Snap to Grid. This latest version features all the objectives along with a few other tweaks – read on for a full description of the map, along with screenshots and download information!


The Strogg are finding the conquest of Earth difficult and have begun to adapt. GDF’s Titan tank proved to be tougher than expected, so the Strogg have started development of an improved version of the Cyclops walker. To thwart the Strogg, GDF forces have to steal the prototype’s blueprints before the Strogg fleet can align their starships and nuke the site from orbit.

Reinforce the Abandoned Hut

The GDF start off in an old tunnel, with two Armadillos available to them. First thing they will have to do is construct the Abandoned Hut. This is a two stage objective, like the bridges on Valley and Canyon. There is a big ledge overlooking the objective, where Strogg can take advantage of the high ground and unload their weapons on the GDF engineers. If this seems terribly unfair, don’t worry – the ledge is accessible to both Strogg and GDF. Once the Abandoned Hut has been constructed, a Husky and Platypus appear near its location. GDF later use the platypus to bring the Cyclops Blueprints back to their fleet.

Hack the Security Computer

Base defence turrets are guarding the warehouse where the Cyclops prototype and blueprints are kept, and they won’t let any human or vehicle get close before blasting them to pieces. Covert Ops will first have to hack the Security Computer to disable the warehouse defences; it’s located in a small hut in the middle of the town. The GDF generally use the front door to enter the hut, but there are alternative routes available as well. If a Soldier manages to destroy the security backdoor using a HE charge, the humans will have quick and easy access to the security computer. However, Strogg spawn very close to the back door, making it quite hard to plant and protect any charges there.

Destroy the Warehouse door

After the security computer has been hacked and the warehouse defence turrets disabled, the GDF can make their way to the blueprints. There’s just one wall left between them and the final objective, but a Soldier’s HE charge will take care of that. Strogg can deploy anti-personnel and anti-vehicle turrets here and plant mines inside the warehouse to slow down the GDF.

Once the GDF get a hold of the blueprints, the running begins. You will have to carry the blueprints all the way back to the GDF fleet, using the Platypus that spawns at the Abandoned Hut. Alternatively, you could try swimming, but you’d most likely be shot before you even got halfway – it’s a long swim and it is unlikely the Tormentor will let you go without a fight.

Unfortunately the map does not support bots as yet, so if you want to play the map I recommend you join the Sunday Night Custom Map Nirvana. During this event you’ll get to play ATW3 and other custom maps, such as Chris’ recently released beta of Maridia and Violator’s Estate – we’ll have a closer look at those maps in the next Snap to Grid!

Terry “Salteh” Seidler serves as Splash Damage’s Mascot and regularly feeds the tapirs over at ETQW Mapping.