Snap to Grid – 2008 Leftovers Edition

April 12, 2009

Snap to Grid2008 seems ages away already, but there’s still some unfinished business to take care of. Welcome to the latest edition of Snap to Grid, where ETQW Mapping‘s full-time King of the World Salteh takes a look at the community’s latest and greatest mapping concoctions.

In this installment, brush-building machine Chris brings us another map with a remake of the popular Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map Radar, adding to his already impressive collection of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars levels. We’ll also find out what Joe999 has been doing with some of his spare time.


It looks like Chris just can’t get enough of this mapping business. So far he has produced two very impressive custom QUAKE Wars maps, Meltdown and Maridia. His third map is titled Radar and a remake of an old classic. The map is based on the Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory map of the same name, with some nice updates and changes.


The map has the GDF on the attack, with two main objectives for them to accomplish. First, the GDF will have to destroy the Strogg Shield Generator. This device is located in the first half of the map and is easily accessible to both teams. A GDF soldier will have to plant a Heavy Explosive charge on the generator to take it out. Once this objective has been completed, Force fields blocking the entrances to the rest of the map will disappear, allowing GDF to go after the Energy Cells.

The second objective is a ‘carry and transmit’ objective similar to what you can find on Island and Chris’ own Maridia. The GDF’s main goal here is to overload the Relay Station Reactor, and they do this by feeding it energy cells. Two of these cells have to be stolen from underneath the Stroggs’ noses and brought back to the Relay Station Reactor. Once you’ve fought your way to the Reactor you’ll need a couple of seconds to insert the cell into the core – eventually resulting in the destruction of the Relay Station.


The GDF can capture a total of three forward spawns, pushing the Strogg back further and further as they go along. Out of the three forward spawns, the side entrance (where the command post was in W:ET) is probably the most important. Capturing this lets the GDF spawn at the side entrance, and allows them to neatly flank the Strogg in addition to attacking them from the front.

Radar is a remake of the old W:ET, but it isn’t just a straight copy with some fancy new textures. It’s an update, complete with new, interesting corridors, new spawn points and a new final objective. Bots are currently not supported, so I recommend you play the map with friends, or join the Sunday Night Custom Map Nirvana. Do you have some constructive feedback? Please tell Chris what you think in the radar thread on the ETQW Community Site.


Anansi!For a while now, Joe999 has been working on this 2D, ETQW themed, scrolling Shoot ‘em Up. The game puts you in control of a single Anansi trying to fight off the incoming Strogg invasion. The test version has the player flying over Canyon while shooting down Hornets and fighting bosses while collecting Stroyent cells. The game is looking to be really good fun and at the moment Joe999 is working hard on his waypoint system and editor in order to improve ease of level creation and gameplay.

You can check out an early test/concept version of the game right here. Don’t forget to leave feedback for Joe999 in the Anansi! thread on the ETQW Community Site.

Terry “Salteh” Seidler serves as Splash Damage’s Mascot and regularly feeds the tapirs over at ETQW Mapping.