Rock, Paper, Shotgun Interviews Ed Stern, Lives to Tell Tale

November 16, 2009

Gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun is home to a brand-new interview with Brink’s Lead Writer and Knower of Things Ed ‘BongoBoy’ Stern. Somewhat unsurprisingly, much of it is focused on game-writerly business, with Ed discussing some of the challenges he’s faced word-smithing for Brink as well as shedding light on some of the story-telling devices (including cinematics) used in the game. There’s also talk about moving from Enemy Territory to Brink, making games more accessible, and Brink’s art style.

In entirely less digital news, the latest issue of 360 Magazine here in the UK includes a Brink preview as well as a fresh interview with Splash Damage’s Creative Director Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham (incidentally featuring no less than eleven headshots of the man).