Relive the Brink Parkour Tour in Awesome Videos

December 17, 2010

Earlier this year, master of all things freerunning and Parkour Daniel Ilabaca toured eight European cities in the name of Brink. In each of the cities, Daniel met up with local freerunners (known as traceurs) to find out more about their approach to Parkour and to train with them. Daniel also had a camera crew with him to document his exploits and capture the ensuing free-running greatness.

Just in time for the holidays, the guys have released a series of tour stop videos on the Parkour Tour website, filled with frightening jumps, elegant movement combos, interviews with the locals, and even some behind-the-scenes fun. If you’re into Parkour or just want to know more about it (and see lots of it, of course), we can’t recommend these videos highly enough.