RAD Soldiers Climbs to #1 in Six Countries, Amasses Crazy Stats

October 29, 2012

As we near the end of RAD Soldiers’ limited release period and approach its worldwide release, we’ve come across some pretty cool stats. Despite being out in only a handful of countries, those of you who’ve been playing RAD Soldiers and helping us test our multiplayer services have so far amassed a staggering 100,000 game sessions. Even more impressively, you’re now spending over 100,000 minutes per day playing the game, and you’ve so far sent over 52,000 turns back and forth in multiplayer alone.

As a side effect of your unrelenting dedication, RAD Soldiers has featured at #1 in the iOS App Store’s board game charts in each of the limited release territories this week. That’s pretty darn awesome going and we want to thank everyone who’s found time to try the game. Because of you, we’ve not only given our multiplayer services a thorough work-out, but we’ve also been able to make RAD Soldiers a better game for its worldwide debut.

Speaking of which, the worldwide release is not far off now and we hope to have news on this very soon. If you don’t want to wait that long and are craving a chance to play, be sure to enter our on-going Early Access drawing. Good luck!