RAD Soldiers arrives on PC – play it now for free!

September 6, 2013

Following its successful iOS debut late last year, RAD Soldiers is available for PC right now as a free download in the Chrome Web Store. Read on for information about the game and how to get it!

What is it?

RAD Soldiers is a lot like chess. With guns. And explosions. You assemble a squad of its titular soldiers and leading them into explosive, turn-based battles in a range of single player campaigns or online against your friends. Each soldier has a different, match-changing special ability and there’s also a massive arsenal of weapons for them to use, so you can really make your squad your own and adapt it to your preferred playing style. For a proper taste of the game, watch the Chrome Web Store launch trailer:

How to get it

All you’ll need to play is an install of Google Chrome, after which you can download RAD Soldiers from the Chrome Web Store:

Download RAD Soldiers now >>

Chrome Apps currently work in Windows and Chrome OS, and Mac support is coming in the very near future.

It’s compatible with iOS!

RAD Soldiers is compatible with its iOS counterpart, so if you already play RAD Soldiers on your iPhone or iPad, you can use that same WarChest account in the PC version, sharing your soldiers and game progress.

Let us know your feedback!

Share your thoughts right here in the comments, in the official RAD Soldiers forums, or on the RAD Soldiers Facebook page. Speaking of which, don’t forget to follow WarChest on Twitter and like RAD Soldiers on Facebook to keep up-to-date on the game and be first in line for our upcoming RAD Soldiers contests.

Right, enough talk, go download RAD Soldiers!