QuakeCon 2010 Day 3: GameSpot, Machinima.com, Preorders

August 24, 2010

QuakeCon 2010 is all over, concluding with a special Brink presentation by Game Director Paul Wedgwood. Paul gave the audience a sneak peek at some of the preorder bonuses planned for Brink – there’ll be a lot more information in the coming days, so stay tuned.

Elsewhere, GameSpot’s Andrew Park managed to corner Paul at the event and quizzed him about Brink. The resulting video interview covers a whole bunch of things, including Brink’s approach to fostering teamplay, open ended experiences, and Making It All Work on a controller.

Lastly, Machinima Respawn’s Sark and Hutch had the chance to go hands-on with Brink at QuakeCon and talk about their impressions in this entertaining 5-minute episode of their show.

If you missed our earlier QuakeCon coverage, check out our Day 1 and Day 2 round-ups. Next stop: gamescom 2010!