QuakeCon 2010 Day 2: Art, Audio, and More Brink Hands-on

August 14, 2010

Day 2 of QuakeCon saw more great game development panels and was topped off with a batch of new Brink screenshots – keep reading for a summary!

Kicking off the day’s panel bonanza was “Let There Be Sound”, with had Brink’s Audio Director Chris ‘peaceful_warrior’ Sweetman discuss the art of creating soundscapes for videogames with Zack Quarles and Christian Antkow from id Software, and Bethesda’s Mark Lampert. A great report with plenty of quotes can be found over at GameSpot.

The audio panel was followed by the aptly titled “The Art of the Game” panel, featuring Brink Art Director Olivier ‘nosebone’ Leonardi, Bethesda’s Matt Carofano, id Software’s Stephan Martiniere, and Arkane Studios’ Viktor Antonov. GameSpot once again has the goods on this one.

Brink is of course playable on the floor at QuakeCon, and Shacknews’ Brian Leahy went ahead and played a few matches out there. He’s posted a great write-up of his impressions, with particular attention paid to controls, the objective system, and balancing.


Lastly, three new Brink screenshots were casually hurled in the general direction of the internet, which you can check out above.

If you missed it, don’t forget to check out our round-up of Day 1.