QUAKE Wars Exhibition Matches to Showcase User-Made Maps

March 3, 2010

There have been a number of great community-made maps for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars over the years, and this Sunday, you’ll get to experience four of them in special exhibition matches. Kicking off at 6 PM GMT, the matches will pit The Art of Warfare (TAW) clan against regular participants of the long-running Custom Map Nirvana event. The following maps will be part of the proceedings:

  • Team Jungle by MoP
  • Maridia by Chris
  • Free Spirit City by []V[]
  • Radar by Chris

You can grab these maps right here or, if you want to absolutely positively make sure that you’ve got the right ones, you can download them directly from the server at etqw.nett.org:27745 when the time comes.

Several ETQW TV servers will be broadcasting the matches live for spectators, so you’ll be able to follow the action even if you can’t play. To watch, simply hook into one of the following servers within the game:

  • Nirvana TV server (EU): etqw.nett.org:27745
  • Orrie’s TV server (EU): dummy.c64.cz:27777
  • SuseFreak’s TV server (EU): zwaar-metaal.nl:27835

Rumor has it that everyone’s favorite shoutcaster GreasedScotsman may come out of hiding for this event, so keep an eye (or rather ear) out for that.

For more information on this showcase event, hit this forum thread. If Custom Map Nirvana is completely foreign to you and you’re itching to play new maps for Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, check out the Custom Map Nirvana thread on the forums.