Photorama: Splash Damage’s 10th Anniversary

September 28, 2011

Splash Damage turned 10 years old this year and not ones to pass up an opportunity to party, we decided to have ourselves a little celebration. Things started off at the office with delicious TapirCake* before venturing up into London for champagne, food, and lots of reminiscing about the past decade of the Damage that is Splash. To top it all off, we brought along some tapir cut-outs created by Media Artist J ‘pinflux’ Hay, which saw plenty of use (more so as the evening and beverages went on, we have to admit).

Even better, we’ve put together a bunch of memorable/embarrassing/glamorous photos, so all of you can check out the work and eye-safe parts of that day. Magnificent.

Follow the links below to catch the action:

* – cake not actually made of tapirs