Paul Wedgwood to Discuss Metacritic at Develop Panel Tuesday

July 9, 2012

If you’re attending Develop Evolve in Brighton on Tuesday (that’s tomorrow!), keep an eye out for Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgwood, who’ll be discussing Metacritic’s impact on gaming and gamers at a special panel there. Titled ‘Metacritic Killed the Video Game Score‘, the session also features journalists Simon Parkin, James Binns (Network-N), and Jon Jordan (PocketGamer), and the chairman of UKIE, Andy Payne. Here’s a clip from the session description:

Metacritic scores are now cited in publishing contracts – yet ironically the declining punch of any one magazine or website’s opinion is weakening the case for creating quality reviews. At the same time, social media and user-review sites are gaining ground. Where does it leave publishers, developers, retailers – and consumers – who will always want to know if a game is any good?

The 45 minute panel is set to kick off at 14:50 tomorrow, 10 July 2012. You’ll need to buy a pass to attend, which’ll also give you access to all of other other sessions at Evolve. For more information, visit Develop Evolve’s website.