Outcasters – December 10th Patch Notes & Thank You

December 10, 2020

Phew, what an absolutely wild few days it’s been.

Outcasters has barely been out for a week, and already you’ve absolutely blown us away with your sick curve shot skills, ridiculously huge Hours Played totals, super fun livestreams, and your love for the game (sorry not sorry for making it so addictive).

That said, the Outcasters development team (after taking an evening off for a virtual launch party; many cocktails were drunk and much fried chicken was eaten) are back to working on some really exciting new characters, ideas and features which we can’t wait to share more details on when the time is right.

They’ve also been hard at work squishing the first few pesky bugs we’ve caught, in a small update that rolled out on Stadia last night. That’s right, you already have the update and you didn’t even know; the joys of cloud gaming, right?

In this update, we’ve:

  • Fixed an issue that may cause the game to crash when queuing for a new match after one has just ended
  • Fixed an issue that may cause the game to crash during some UI animations
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges that involve hitting an opponent may cause the game to crash
  • Fixed an issue where changing the colours of Parts on the Customization screen might not save correctly

Of course, if you still spot something that’s not quite right, please do hop on over to our Discord to report it and I’ll see you again soon!