New Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Tournaments Announced

October 11, 2011

Several new tournaments are about to kick off for Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory – read on to find out what’s happening where!

First up is Crossfire’s Battle for Berlin tournament. Open to the 16 best teams in the game, Battle for Berlin not only seeks to crown Wolf: ET’s best clan, but also looks to set a new standard for tournament coverage. Alongside news updates, interviews, and editorials, QuadV will be airing “Game of the Week” coverage every Thursday, with match shoutcasts and other entertainment. Sign-ups are open until Thursday (that’s just two days from now!) – you can enlist your 8 man squad over here on Crossfire.

Elsewhere, Australian e-sports site CyberGame League has begun a new Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory league, with 12 teams battling it out for supremacy and $750 in prize money. There’s ETTV coverage to be had, as well, and the league is also still accepting sign-ups for the waiting list.

Finally, JeeSports has just added Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory to its line-up, with an inaugural 6 vs 6 tournament getting underway this Sunday. To participate, you’ll first need a team, accounts on the JeeSports site, and then visit their site this Sunday at 1 PM UK time to “check in”. Visit JeeSports’ Wolf: ET section for more information.

Spotted any other upcoming Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory cups, leagues, or tournaments? Let us know in the comments!