New Paul Wedgwood Interviews Are Full of Interesting Things

October 22, 2010

Just in time for the weekend, we have some great new interviews with Splash Damage’s CEO and Game Director Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood for you. The twist? Unlike the recent armada of Brink interviews, these are about anything but. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the games industry and what inspires someone like Paul on a daily basis, these are absolutely 100% for you.

Our first stop is, where main Wootflier Joel Benton chats with Paul about all manner of stuff, including his favorite games and movies, as well as how Paul started out in the industry. It’s a great chat available in three parts – be sure to watch all of them to find out what makes Paul tick:

Elsewhere, has published the first part of a colossal interview with Paul about Splash Damage and the games industry as a whole. Many a topic is discussed, including the state of UK developers, crunch, creating games with depth, and so much more. Free registration’s required for this one, but it’s a great look “under the hood.”