New map in Dirty Bomb – Dome is Here!

April 17, 2015

As you have probably worked out from this post the other day, we have a new map coming into rotation. Dome is on its way into Dirty Bomb, however it is not quite complete. But this is where you come in. We want your feedback to make some additional changes before the map is fully finished and permanently released.

First thing’s first – the map will be in Blockout. This means there are limited textures which allows us to make changes easier than if it was already pretty and painted nicely. Before access to Dirty Bomb was open on Steam the map did a round of testing with our Founders, which we learned a lot and made changes. For those of you who have played on the map before, here are some details of changes made;

Primary Objective Area

The primary objective bunker has been replaced with a pit which provides sufficient cover from ground level attacks but is vulnerable to attacks from raised areas. Thus controlling the elevated areas becomes the most viable tactics for both teams and forces them to spread. The pit is much easier to guard from the distance and should encourage forward defense.

Objective OldObjective New

Final Objective Defenders Spawn

Final defenders spawn was refined to better define primary routes and to create easier access to the high ground.

With all that being said, the next step is up to you. We want your thoughts on the map so changes can be made before we shine it up and get it shipped out. You can do this via the forums here.

Thanks a lot for your help! #PlayDirty