New Brink Interviews on Games On Net and gamesTM

April 23, 2010

Brink’s Creative Director Richard Ham continues to make the virtual rounds, with his latest stops being British magazine gamesTM and Australian gaming website Games On Net.

If you’ll remember, Games On Net turned to the community a few weeks ago, asking their readers to submit their burning Brink questions. These turned out to be about player collision, anti-cheating measures, persistent character advancement, and the in-game developer console among other things – head on over to Games On Net for Richard’s replies to all of these!

Elsewhere, British gaming magazine gamesTM has a lengthy new interview with Richard as well, addressing things like anti-social behavior, fair matchmaking, and how Brink will get players to work together as a team. Both of these Q&As are interesting reads, so be sure to have a look as you run off into the weekend.