New Brink Dev Diary Sounds off on Audio Design

January 20, 2011

Splash Damage’s Audio Director Chris ‘peaceful warrior’ Sweetman tackles sound design in a brand-new Brink developer diary. Chris reveals how Brink manages to keep its myriad of sound effects readable even when there’s tons of them going off at once. There’s also a lot of information about how Chris approached weapon audio for Brink and why it’ll sound like nothing you’ve heard in a Splash Damage game before. Here’s a slice:

Having played many single player and multiplayer shooters, there was one thing that always concerned me – sonic space. In other words, how do you overcome the problem of having too many sounds all playing at the same time? When you have music, gunfire, dialogue, Foley, explosions, and ambient sounds all going off simultaneously, you’re generally left with aural mush. This was a problem we were determined to solve when beginning work on Brink.

It’s a fascinating and insightful read – head over to the Brink website to check out the full diary.

Update: If the link comes up as a blank page for you, try this one instead.