More gamescom 2009 Interviews and Previews

August 26, 2009

gamescom 2009 continues to wildly throw all manner of content off in random directions – here’s a look at the latest Brink coverage.

The Herren over at soon-to-be-launched German fan site Brink Gamers had the chance to sit down with Richard Ham at the show for a chat about Brink, resulting in an epic, colossal, humongous 37 minute video interview that you can watch on their placeholder site. If letters and punctuation are more your thing, GameSpy has you covered with an enormous Q&A with Game Director Paul ‘Locki’ Wedgwood, exploring a little bit of everything.

There’s also a slew of new reports on the Brink presentation in a variety of languages:

If you spot any other previews or interviews, please let us know in the comments.