More Brink Previews from QuakeCon 2010

August 17, 2010

With press and gamers getting to experience every last corner of Brink’s Container City environment at QuakeCon, we’ve got another batch of hands-on previews for you to rummage through today.

Tom Bramwell over at Eurogamer was one of the chaps able to spend an extended amount of time with Brink in the press area. His detailed preview covers his impressions of SMART, Brink’s AI, as well as the inner workings of Container City. It’s a great read – here’s a small clip:

…SMART has a huge role to play in the three levels on show at QuakeCon. Container City, a towering fortress of rusting metal built around a derelict medical ship, is only so many corridors and chokepoints to begin with. However, once you start holding down that SMART button it’s a 3D playground of clever flanking routes and alternative strategies.

Elsewhere, G4TV had a play with character and weapon customisation before diving headfirst into the demo level. Their write-up goes into detail about how the mission system works in practice, Brink’s take on death and reviving, and teamwork.

Lastly, DefaultPrime also has a hands-on preview of the game. A word of warning, though – there’s some explicit language to be found there, so sensitive souls might want to skip this one.