MCV Games 5s Football Tournament, Here We Come

June 11, 2009

Games 5sThe big moment has finally arrived: We’ve selected our squad, gathered our gear, and practiced falling over in style, all in preparation for tomorrow’s MCV Games 5’s five a side football tournament. Programmers Arne Olav ‘ao’ Hallingstad, Ed ‘MrEd’ Reid, Flavius ‘Flawe’ Alecu, and Oliver ‘Kensai Jauncey, Environment Artists Jaromir ‘pg’ Salaj and Matt ‘taff’ McDaid, and Production Coordinator Jiri ‘JFK’ Kristek have been tasked with coordinated kicking for Splash Damage and tapirs everywhere, while Media Director Richard ‘Fluffy_gIMp’ Jolly, IT Manager Ben ‘Randles Hopkinson, and Community Relations Manager Steve ‘badman’ Hessel will be tagging along for moral support and documenting the whole thing for posterity.

For conoisseurs of riveting success stories in bite-sized installments of 140 characters or less, we’ll be charting our march to victory on the Splash Damage Twitter throughout the day, so be sure to follow that if you don’t already.