Mark Your Calendars: Brink Releasing in May

January 27, 2011

We’ll keep this one short and sweet: we’re very excited to be able to announce the official release date for Brink. The game will ship in North America on May 17, with Europe and Australia following later that same week on May 20.

With the May date confirmed, there’s still time for the Americans among you to pick up one of the exclusive pre-order packs for the game. There’s four of them and each contains additional customisation items for your character to help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re not in the US, worry not. Pre-order pack information for other parts of the world is still to come.

The full press release announcing the release date can be found here.

Update: Going along with the release date, we’ve also got the final box art for you to check out. The three different boxes have magically appeared right at the top of this post.