How to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2019

February 4, 2019

UPDATE 27th April 2022

Last night, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory was released on Steam!

It doesn’t change some of the details in our original post about communities, and the ET Pro scene, but it does make it much easier to get started.

So head over to Steam and download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory now!

Original Post

Last week we made a Facebook post about a few active Wolf:ET communities. Almost one thousand comments later we realised that many of you still play, and many more wish they could get back into the game.

So, with the help of the community, we decided it was probably a good idea to try and address some of the questions that came up in those comments, and make a clearer guide on how to play Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory in 2019, how to watch it and highlight some of the communities that are still trucking.

We’ve made a more detailed forum post that you can check out here. It’ll teach you how to find populated servers, how to sort out configs, and where you can chat to various communities etc.


“Where can I download Wolf:ET?” was the most prominent question aside from “People still play this?!”, so here’s what to do:

You can download Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory right here!

You can also download Return to Castle Wolfenstein here! — which also has a handy FAQ to help out with any tech queries.

Active Communities

You’re in. You’ve caught the bug once more. Your spamming V-say commands and racking up the kills. Now what you need is a clan of like-minded folks:

There’s a nice big list of communities here for you to browse.

Or you can get in a little deeper, with the ET Pro scene.

How to watch

Watching some really players shine is always a joy, and thankfully there are some brilliant people playing and streaming:

GamesTV is a great resource.
Twitch is also a great place to watch. You can check out VODs here, or clips here.

As you can see, Wolf:ET is still going strong after all these years. There’s so much more to this game and community than we could list here, but we wanted to extend a massive thank you to everyone in the community who still both love and play the game, and hopefully, this makes it easier for some people to rediscover the game that started it all for Splash Damage.