Got a Brink Clan? Compete in the Holiday Ladder!

December 13, 2011

Since few things embody Christmas like clan matches and fragging, the Brink Clans & Tournaments website now features Holiday Ladders for your clan to enter. Here’s how it works: Running until 8 January, each clan participating in the ladder can issue match challenges to any of the other participating clans. Matches are 3 on 3, with Brink’s entire map pool available to choose from when putting together a match challenge. Winning a match increases your ladder ranking, while losing decreases it. At the conclusion of the ladder, the top 3 clans will receive a special trophy to show off in their clan profile (along with the associated bragging rights, of course).

The Holiday Ladders are now available for each platform (and clan region) on the Events page of the Brink Clans & Tournaments website. If you’re the leader of your clan, you can enter it into a ladder right then and there:

Keep reading for a full breakdown of the ladder rules.

Brink 3v3 Holiday Ladder

Welcome to the Brink 3v3 Holiday Ladder!

Event Rules

Configuration: Comp3v3. Clans must have at least two players each before match can begin.

Maps: All Maps. Players must have Agents of Change DLC to access Founders’ Tower and Laboratory maps.

Duration: Event ladder begins December 5, 2011 and ends January 8, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST

Note: If an opposing Clan quits out of the match early, continue playing the match. Doing so will ensure the correct result is awarded. Winning clans will receive a trophy to show off on your Clan profile page.

Good luck!