Gears Tactics is out now!

April 29, 2020

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! Gears Tactics, our strategy take on the Gears universe, is out now.

We’ve spent a huge amount of time already watching videos and streams, reading reviews from the press and from players, and scanning all of your screenshots – it’s incredibly humbling, please do keep sending them to us on social media!

Remember, you can buy Gears Tactics on Steam, the Windows Store, or get it as part of Xbox Game Pass for PC.

We wanted to pull together some of our favourite reviews and videos for you all to check out, so please enjoy them.

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  • Destructoid – “Gears Tactics is a great Gears game and a great tactics game. This 90% doesn’t miss.”
  • Digital Foundry – “I’m blown away by the quality of this game.”
  • Digital Trends – “The most exciting addition to the saga since Gears of War 2.”
  • Critical Hit – “One of the biggest surprises of the year.”
  • Gamespot – “Gears Tactics captures the chaotic, gory roller coaster energy generated by the shooters.”
  • Gaming Bolt – “Microsoft took a risk here, and it paid off. And as in Gears of War itself, it all comes down to the execution.”
  • IGN – “…delivers an impressive and awesome-looking result.”
  • PCGamer – “Clever combat abilities and brutal executions translate Gears of War into a deep, fast-paced strategy game.”
  • RockPaperShotgun – “I’d argue it sets the new gold standard for turn-based tactics.”
  • WCCFTech – “Gears Tactics is, simply put, an excellent turn-based tactics game that stands up well against titles like XCOM and others at the top of the genre.”


Rock Paper Shotgun – “7 Reasons Gears Tactics Is One Of The Best Spin-Offs Ever Made”

GameSpot – “Gears Tactics captures the chaotic, gory roller coaster energy generated by the shooters, even as your focus turns from playing a cog to maintaining the machine”

YouTube Thumbnail Downloader FULL HQ IMAGE

IGN – “It’s one intense and satisfying tactical battle after another, and it looks absolutely fantastic doing it.”

Thank you to everyone out there who’s playing, who’s streaming, who’s doing fan art, taking screenshots, or sending us positive messages on social media – it really does mean a lot to the whole team!