Gears of War: Ultimate Edition now available for Windows 10

March 1, 2016

When can you can finally squash the Locust Horde in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition on Windows 10? Right now – Surprise!

That’s right alongside The Coalition, we’ve remastered and modernized the original ‘Gears of War’ for Windows 10. This scrubbed up version now features all-new ultra-high definition graphics up to 4K resolution!

Check out the first 10 minutes of the action in an eye-watering 8,294,400 pixels per frame, if your monitor can handle it:

Once you fire up the Ultimate Edition on your PC you’ll find a bunch of features not found in the Xbox One version including:

  • A Deluxe Weapon skin pack plus 11 bonus multiplayer character skins
  • Mouse and keyboard key bindings, as well as controller support and customization
  • Unlocked campaign and multiplayer framerates and up to 4K resolution using 20GB of simultaneously-streamed textures
  • Improved lighting, high-detail textures and VFX
  • Graphical setting customization: text chat, motion blur toggle and more

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Windows 10 PC Brumak

Did we mention it’s out today? Step into the boots of Marcus Fenix on Windows 10 and tell us how you’re finding it in the comments below: