Gears of War Gamescom Impressions

August 14, 2015

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is coming out in less than two weeks! Some lucky members of the press got a first play of the campaign mode at last week’s Gamescom – we’ve collected up a few of their experiences right here:


Join GameSpot on the Gamescom floor, as they reflect on the time that they spent with it, in between shouts of “Gears of More!” – In particular they’re looking forward to rekindling some of the love they have for the classic multiplayer mode.


Ausgamers had a “lot of love for the game” when they got their hands on it – They’ve cut together a nice little video to show just how they got on.


GameRiot thought the “graphics looked amazing”, but for the most part they let the game do the talking, for you to make your own mind up (note: the experience may be enhanced if you fake-play with an air controller).

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