Friday Splashdown – Special Effect, Phoenix and more!

September 4, 2015

We’ve had yet another busy week here at Splash Towers, including some of the team going off shooting clays and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition having its worldwide release. All that and more in this weeks Splashdown.

Special Effect Shooting Day

Ben Shooting with Special Effect

Last Friday a merry team of Splash Devs attended the Special Effect Clay Pigeon shooting day to help raise money and give something back to their excellent cause – Helping children with physical disabilities to play games with their friends and families. Wielding shotguns and the very latest in designer ear protection; Marco Tim, Ben, and Jack banded together, giving hell to every clay pigeon that was brave enough to leave the trap.

There’s no word on who performed best, but as Tim was the most senior member there we’re going to have to go with him…

Gears of War: Ulitmate Edition

Tips and Tricks

As Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has now received its worldwide release, it seems appropriate to have a closer look at those all-important multiplayer tactics. In another post this week we collated the tips and tricks videos put together by the Gears team to give you an insight on how to destroy your opponents on the battlefield. You can check out the Tips and Tricks #1 above, or click here to see the full article.

All Game Modes Now Available

As of today, you can play all the game modes in Gears of War: Ultimate Edition across the entire map catalogue. This was done by removing map restrictions from all of the game’s playlists thus updating the game’s multiplayer portion to allow for all modes to be played across all 19 included maps. More modes, more maps, more carnage!

Launch Party

GoW:UE Launch Party

Last Friday we had our Gears of War: Ultimate Edition launch party to celebrate its worldwide release.

There have been countless Gears of War streams and videos made already by the community and we can’t wait to see what happens going forward.

Dirty Bomb

Phoenix Announcement

On Monday we officially announced that Phoenix would be the next Merc to hit London’s streets in Dirty Bomb by releasing his Merc Role-Call. Don’t worry if you missed it, you check it out below:

He isn’t quite in the game yet, but when he comes, a flurry of extras will be accompanying him too so keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

DB Nation

DB Nation Cup Logo

DB Nation had their first Cup last weekend which saw the best teams from EU and NA fight it out for the top spot. After hours of great games, top plays and last second defuses SICK6 were able to come out on top and take the proud title.

The tournament ran very smoothly with an average viewership of 300 which we are excited to see grow in the future. The team at DB Nation did a fantastic job, and we cannot wait to see some epic frag and highlight videos from the tournament which we’re sure will start to grace our screens soon. In a recent announcement on their website, DB Nation also announced a regular weekly PUG series scheduled for Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at varying times. Want to get involved and play with like-minded competitive people? Then head over to the site for all of the juicy info.

Multiplay i-Series LAN

DB Nation Cup Logo

Last weekend we attended Multiplay’s Insomnia LAN at the Ricoh arena in Coventry. It was a fun five days seeing familiar faces, meeting awesome new people, and seeing plenty of strangers playing Dirty Bomb.

Logitech, XFX and Overclockers handed out free Merc codes, along with Cooler Master who had the game running on their stand for passers-by to stop and have a play. Some players were also lucky enough to pick up some Dirty Bomb umbrellas and Splash Damage mugs. Want your chance to win those and pick up some codes? Better get your tickets booked for i56 in Birmingham this December!!

And that’s pretty much it! Have a good weekend guys and as always, Stay Fresh!
– shoe.