Friday Splashdown – Anticheat, Mad World & More!

August 21, 2015

This week’s been no less mad, Splash fans. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition is about to kick down the launch door, Dirty Bomb has a fresh Update, and we’ve been glamming it up outside the office. Check it out!

Dirty Bomb

Fine Tuning August Update

This Update brought an entirely new anticheat system, with NGS implemented after months of integration. It’ll be refined and improved with time, so bear with us if there are teething issues! We’re still hard at work on more features to help with issues of cheating in Dirty Bomb, and we appreciate your patience and feedback in the meantime.

Balance tweaks were another big part of the Update, with many weapons receiving reduced recoil to boost their combat potential, and a few adjustments to other weapons that were performing above the pack.

For the full run-down of the Update, click these words

SD Stream – Dome Exclusive

Enviro-maestro judge D gave you an exclusive first-look at the art going into Dome – the next Objective map – on Monday’s Twitch stream. Click here to watch the full thing, which includes the process of arting up a map, or jump to 14:50 for the never-seen-before stuff! Don’t forget to follow for more of this sort of thing.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

So, like, this game’s coming out next week, right? Gears Hype has kicked into overdrive, and we’re struggling to keep on top of everything before the street date of August 25th (28th for you, Europe. We know, we know).

Remastering Gears of War– AUDIO

The ‘remastering’ series arrives at audio – Along with cleaning up the original score and voice acting for the game, entirely new foley effects were recorded for extra crunch. Seeing tattooed dudes crush watermelons with their bare hands always makes us smile.

GameSpot plays Gears

The bros at Gamespot sat on a plush couch and enjoyed the online multiplayer portion of the game, allowing us to enjoy it vicariously. Watch it right here

Mad World Reloaded

Relive your favourite Sensitive-yet-Ultramasculine Gears Clip ever in this reimagined version of the fan-favourite trailer.

Splash Damage Family Day

Oh the shenanigans! Turns out that many Splashers have spent enough time away from games to make and raise children, so all were invited to our Splash Damage Family Day. We’d like to think it was the kids to make use of the many bouncy castles and obstacle courses, but, well, you’ll see…

That’s it for this update! Who’s going to be joining us next week for the Gears launch? Let us know below, and you might even spot us in the odd game or two.

As always, stay fresh!

– shoe.