Fresh Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Console Previews

May 14, 2008

With the end of May and the release of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 inching ever closer, several more previews have appeared in the mysterious tubes also known as the internet.

  • PSW Magazine
    “One thing is certain; Enemy Territory is going to be a blast. It looks fantastic, ‘plays more intuitively since the console revamp’ claimed a fellow journo who poured hours into the PC version, and packs in reams of vehicles and weapons. And with twelve huge maps there’s going to be plenty to do.”
  • Worthplaying
    “What’s here is an amazingly faithful translation of the game that plays just as well, if not better, than the original. FPS haters will want to avoid it, but those with lesser-spec computers will likely flock to the store when the console ports hit shelves at the end of next month.”
  • VideoGamer
    “Enemy Territory: Quake Wars is shaping up very nicely on consoles. The key to the game’s success will undoubtedly rest in how accessible it is, and strides are certainly being made here. While the PC original did a great job at getting new players involved, it’s even easier on consoles.”
  • Fragland
    “I haven’t been able to play the whole game of course, but from what i’ve seen, i am very pleased. Nerve Software seems to be doing an excellent job at porting the PC version of ID Software and Splash Damage to console. Something like this can only be seen as a positive thing!”

If you missed them previously, more console previews can be found here.