First-ever Dirty Bomb Gameplay Video Released!

December 14, 2012

We’ve released a brand-new gameplay video showing pre-alpha multiplayer footage from the pre-alpha version of Dirty Bomb. Be sure to watch that now and let us know what you like, and want to see more of!

We’re also launching a Founders Club for fans wanting priority access to the Closed Beta, exclusive in-game content, cool swag, and public recognition for their support. You can check out our Founder’s Club page for more information. If you want to make an even greater pledge of support, consider joining our Inner Circle.

Around a year ago, just before we started work on Dirty Bomb, Anti and I put some effort in to defining our core philosophy on making a brand-new dedicated PC shooter. For those of you that don’t know, Anti was once a top Tribes player, then joined us as a Production Tester on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, was Associate Producer for three years, and is now Designer on Dirty Bomb.

We believe competitive multiplayer team-play is more thrilling than single-player. We believe in fulfilling players by advancing their actual skill. We believe in long-term player engagement, developing games that are played for months and years. We believe in competitive games as a service, and we’re dedicated to the perfection of team-play.

We have a decade of critically acclaimed multiplayer releases and commercial successes, but we must learn from our big mistakes too. We have titles that were played for years, and some with player bases that decayed in months. We’ve demonstrated our dedication to multiplayer team-play, and proven our focus on engaging our fans, but not every title was the perfect team game. We have achieved a loyal, influential and engaged fan base, and they’re not afraid to tell us what they think, and we’re committed to do better, for them. For Dirty Bomb on PC, we have complete control: we’re the financier, developer, publisher, distributor, and retailer.

Dirty Bomb must provide a balanced playing field and a fair contest, challenging players, against or alongside real people. Players should only succeed by competing in battles where skill and tactics alone determine the winners, be it as an individual, group of friends, or team. Players should always understand why they won or lost, or by being part of a social community that shares knowledge, continually learn from other player’s skills, and achieve status and recognition for their own credible successes and contributions.

Some of our established community members are already in our Inner Circle playing Dirty Bomb nightly with the development team. We’ll soon start a Closed Alpha, and when ready, a Closed Beta. Players who sign-up will have a voice, help sculpt what the game becomes, and ensure our focus on areas important to them.

We believe players should not have to pay for the core game when it launches. Even now, you can also sign up for free, for a chance to be invited as we gain capacity.