Even More Great ETQW Reviews and Awards!

February 13, 2008

A few weeks ago we posted the second wave of great reviews and awards that Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars has received from the press. Since then, yet more sites and magazines from around the world have posted their impressions on the full game. Here’s our third list of great reviews and awards:

  • ITP.net – 100% and their Editor’s Choice AwardRead
  • MSNBC – Buy It AwardRead
  • Game Vortex – 96% and their Top Pick AwardRead
  • 1UP.com – 90%Read
  • Atomic magazine – 90% and their Hot Award
  • egames magazine – 90%
  • PC Advisor – 90% and their Gold AwardRead
  • Gaming Today – 90%Read
  • Tweak Town Gamer – 90% and their Must Own AwardRead
  • Motherboards.org – 90% and their Editor’s Choice AwardRead

We are also pleased to hear that Gaming Heaven awarded ETQW their prestigious Editor’s Choice Award.