Eurogamer Expo Brings Plenty of Brink Coverage

October 5, 2010

Eurogamer Expo took place in London this past weekend, with some 20,000 people descending upon the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre to play all manner of upcoming titles. Brink was one of them, complete with a playable version of Container City, 16 kiosks, and a small contingent of Splash Damage folk. Brink consistently had one of the longest queues at the show, which delighted and humbled us all at the same time. We’d like to throw a huge Thank You out there to everyone who queued up to play the game – we hope you enjoyed it!

It wouldn’t be a show without plenty of press coverage, and we’ve spotted a nice stack of previews, interviews, and podcasts for you to dig your way through. A special shout-out goes to Rock, Paper, Shotgun, who assaulted the Brink stand with a small army of willing combatants on Sunday morning to play the game. Their collective adventures and reflective thoughts are chronicled in a marvellous piece titled Rock, Paper, Shotgun vs Brink, which is sure to delight and entertain.

Before we get to the actual, factual press coverage part of this post, have a look at the excellent impressions posted in our forums by DarkangelUK, Jubag, and Hyperplutonium. All of three of them got to play Brink at the show and have compressed their thoughts and impressions into forum posts.



Finally, while not strictly Brink-related, Splash Damage’s Lead Writer Ed Stern made a guest appearance on the Eurogamer Podcast while out at the show. This entertaining romp covers many-a-subject (ranging from game delays to the modern-day svelegant gentleman game developer) and also features id Software’s Tim Willits and inXile’s Maxx Kaufman.