ETQW Shackbattle – The Aftermath

March 27, 2008

As some of you may be aware, Saturday 1st March 2008 was a very special date. Not only was it the anniversary of Communist spy Klaus Fuchs being jailed in 1950, and murderer Fred West being charged in 1994, but it was also the date that two goliaths went head-to-head (and later arm-in-arm) in an epic Shackbattle – Team Splash Damage versus Team Shacknews.

At 20:00GMT, battle commenced in the African campaign, with Team SD defending and Team Shacknews attacking. With a Dallas server giving us an average ping of up to 200ms (compared to Team Shacknews’ 50ms) and maps lasting 30 minutes instead of the default 20, the odds didn’t look good.

Success was not guaranteed. If anything, it should have been a bloodbath.

…had it not been for the fact that we 0wnz0r3d!

Our team – consisting of nakedape, rooper, smooth, MoP, Tully, AO, Huntle, FeaRog and Anti doing the real work – dominated over all 3 maps, defending each and every objective as hard we could. A couple of times we mounted ‘tactical retreats’ as the smell of Team Shacknews’ many carcasses stacking up around the objective got too unbearable to cope with, but we maintained the upper hand to the very end, where we claimed victory and thanked our enemy for their brave fight in that campaign.

However, with Team Shacknews still shaking from the defeat, a decision was reached to shuffle the teams and the game then headed to North America, where much fun was had through Valley, Outskirts and finally Area 22, which gave us the most epic battle of all.

To commemorate this momentous event in history, we’ve got this fun-filled montage for you (click to enlarge):

Anyway, it sounds like everyone had a fantastic time and we look forward to the undoubtedly-at-some-point-in-the-future-happening rematch.

Thanks all that played!
Captain Ducks