ETQW Limited Collector’s Edition Officially an Award-Winning Design

May 2, 2008

We’ve always known that the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector’s Editing was Cool Looking™, but now it’s officially an award-winning design! For those who are incredibly confused, allow me to explain: The MI6 Game Marketing Conference took place in San Francisco last month and among a number of talks and panels about game marketing, the event also recognized outstanding achievements in product design, promotion, and marketing with a number of awards. The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Limited Collector’s Edition was bestowed the Silver Muse for Best Wrapping – Product Packaging and joined a number of other high profile titles such as Halo 3, Assassin’s Creed, and Bioshock in this year’s line-up of winners. You can see a small picture of the awards statue on the right – click the Read more link for a larger version!