ETQW 1.4 Status; Updated Demo, Final SDK On The Way

March 27, 2008

So, where’s 1.4? This has been a pretty hectic week in the Land of Updates. Our planned roll-out had to be stopped because internal testing turned up issues with the installers that could affect some players. The folks at Activision are trying to get these worked out as quickly as they can – they will let us know as soon as they have a solid estimate for getting the fixes in and tested. We’ll pass that information on to you right away when we get it.

On a brighter note, we’ve also been hard at work on an updated version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars demo. This new demo incorporates all the improvements we’ve made to ETQW in the three months since its release, including the new training mode we’re introducing in 1.4. The training mode is a great introduction to the unique gameplay concepts and mechanics featured in Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars, so this is a fantastic way for those still on the fence to experience the latest and greatest version of the game.

But that’s not all!

In addition to the game update and the new demo, we are also going to release the latest version of the Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars server files. Our GSP partners have been running a good chunk of this code for some time and we’ve seen significant performance and stability improvements across the board. The upcoming release bonanza is rounded out by the final version of the Software Development Kit, which will be released into the wild just a few days after the update. As announced previously, we will also be making additional source media packages available with the SDK, so expect to see those as well.

Keep an eye on the ETQW Community Site for the latest on 1.4, the new demo, and the final SDK!