EnemyTerritory.tv & TGBF.tv to Cover 12v12 Invitational Carnage This Sunday

October 23, 2008

In addition to their excellent shoutcast, EnemyTerritory·tv will be teaming up with TGBF·tv this Sunday to provide live video coverage of the =GzR= Invitational Tourney, a colossal 12 on 12 fragfest. In this particular match, the old dirty men of GeezeR Gaming (GzR) will be facing off against The Art of War (TAW), with the action set to start at 9:30pm Eastern Time. With this being 12 on 12 and campaign mode, the rules and restrictions that the community is used to seeing in the 6v6 competitive leagues will not be in effect, so prepare for a unique, no-holds barred event as the GDF and Stroggies battle for territory throughout an entire campaign.

You can tune into EnemyTerritory.tv’s live shoutcast stream this Sunday at 9:30 PM EST and catch the video feed over at TGBF.tv.