Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars Console Previews Hit The Internet

March 25, 2008

With the Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3 versions of Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars getting closer to release, id Software, Nerve Software, and Activision recently had a press event showing them off to a few of the big online gaming outlets. Here’s a round-up of the reports we’ve found around the web so far:

  • 1UP
    “The console versions’ multiplayer interface is shaping up to be incredibly user friendly. Taking a page straight out of Halo 3, Quake Wars uses a matchmaking system that looks to make finding games as easy as a single button press.”
  • Eurogamer
    “As well as being a near-perfect conversion in graphics, AI and feature-set terms, the tweaks introduced for console players look like they’re actually going to improve the underlying game.”
  • GameSpy
    “The Bot Guide is sort of the equivalent of a particularly polite drill sergeant. He’ll walk you through the basics of capturing objectives and class differences, all the while liberally doling out health packs and advice.”
  • IGN
    “Nerve and id aren’t skimping on the small details that can make or break a shooter of this nature. Little things like including a lobby system for players to convene after a game and full stat tracking for each map, both in-game and on a website which will house hundreds of statistics. There are also awards that are handed out after each match so you and your pals can ratchet up the smack talking.”
  • Team Xbox
    “The game comes with a comprehensive Training Mode that gives you a guide bot to step you through everything you need to accomplish and how to compete every part of the objectives. It looks to be a great starter for learning all the aspects of the roles, though if you decide to rough it, the screens that describe each role indicate the abilities in relation to specific objective needs.”

Look for more ETQW console coverage in the near future!