Edge Online Looks at Balancing Brink

April 13, 2011

If you’ve ever wondered just how much thinking and effort goes into balancing a multiplayer game like Brink, the folks over at Edge Online have you covered with a fascinating new interview. Aptly titled Balancing Brink, it has Creative Director Richard ‘Rahdo’ Ham and Lead Designer Neil ‘Exedore’ Alphonso shed a lot of light on what we’ve done to fine-tune Brink’s many weapons, levels, and abilities, as well as some of the things we’ll be able to do once the game is released. Here’s a slice:

We’ve inherited this very sophisticated system from Quake Wars that allows us to tweak individual things from day one. One term we use that’s extremely important to the game is ‘netvars’, text files of values that we can change locally, upload to a server and then it gets automatically dispersed through the world.

Head on over to Edge Online for the information-packed rest!