Dirty Bomb presents… The Sparks Update

June 18, 2015

The latest update is now live and ready for action. Amongst balance and map updates, increased Credit bonuses and a selection of Merc Bundles, Sparks is also coming onto the scene as the newest Merc in London.

Meet Sparks

Sparks is a qualified doctor, and has the papers to prove it. But then she also has the papers to prove she’s at least five other people, including a pilot, an attorney-at-law, and a California Highway Patrol officer named Jeff. The point is, she has friends in high and low places, which helps her get her hands on cutting-edge medical tech like the REVIVR. Killing and reviving people under gunfire is by no means the worst job she’s had. Just ask Jeff.

Primary Ability: Revive Gun

Sparks’ signature ability is this special hunk of advanced medical tech called the REVIVR. You could ask what REVIVR stands for, but what really matters is what it does: Fires a highly charged projectile which, if it strikes an Incapacitated ally, will revive them with an amount of health dependant on the REVIVR’s charge level.

Of course, its still a gun, and its Sparks’ best weapon. Hitting an enemy with the REVIVR will deal heavy damage, again dependant on how much the weapon’s been charged up. The REVIVR won’t fire if you don’t charge it up a bit, and if it’s used too often, or holds a full charge for too long, it will overheat and become useless until it can cool down, but that’s a small price to pay to be able to Revive your teammates without worrying about getting your own head shot off!

Secondary Ability: Small Health Packs

Sparks’ method of healing her still-living allies are the Health Packs, throwable and picked up just like the ones Sawbonez uses, but don’t think they’re the same. While Sawbonez’s Large Health Packs will restore a large amount of health over time, and get stopped the moment your patient takes damage, Sparks’ Health Packs will immediately and always restore 35 Health when picked up, 45 Health if caught on the fly, making them far more powerful when picked up under fire, more than enough to turn the tide of a close firefight.

Daily Credit Bonuses Doubled

In the previous update we introduced Daily Credit Bonuses, and now we are doubling how many Credits these award you. So now instead of 250 Credits, you’ll be swimming in 500 and recruiting the Mercs you want in your Squad even faster.

Cobalt Trade-Up

Trade-Up has been extended to Cobalt Cards! No longer will unwanted Gold Cards be there to clutter up your inventory, as you’ll now be able to trade them in for a Cobalt Card of the Merc of your choice. Each Cobalt Card you Trade-Up to will cost you 6 Gold Cards and 10,000 Credits, so don’t grab one unless you’ve got a healthy supply of both.

New Bundles on Sale

We’re introducing three new Merc Bundles for you to help you fill out your Squad for a hefty discount! Check them out below and find all three of them in the Shop under the Bundles section!
Please note: You will be able to purchase a bundle even if you have any or all of the Mercs within the bundle already unlocked. Be careful, and please spend your money wisely.

Explosives Bundle

The Explosives Bundle is here, featuring three Mercs highly skilled at blowing anything and everything into orbit! Containing unlocks for Fletcher, Fragger, Nader and two Elite Cases thrown in to boot, this bundle has a value of $40, but will only set you back $19.99 USD (or local equivalent)!

Deployable Bundle

Say hello to the Deployable Bundle, which is all about our Mercs that bring their own fun to the party! Featuring Bushwhacker, Proxy and Sawbonez, along with a pair of Elite Cases, you’ll be able to grab this $32 bundle for only $15.99 USD (or local equivalent)!

Sharpshooter Bundle

And finally, here’s the Sharpshooter bundle, with three Mercs who are all about picking their shots just right. With Arty, Kira, Vasilli and two Elite Cases as well, this bundle has a value of $32, but can be purchased for only $15.99 USD (or local equivalent)!

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!