Dirty Bomb presents… Summer Squash Part III

October 7, 2016

We’re slashing bugs like it’s nobody’s business! This update rounds off our bug-focused Summer Squash – We’ve squeezed tons of fixes into this release, so we’ll let them speak for themselves.

Don’t think that we’ve gone soft! Even with the Summer Squash over, we’ll still be continuing to squash bugs in future updates.


  • Made numerous general optimization improvements
  • Greatly reduced negative framerate spikes caused by players joining the game or switching Mercs
  • Improved performance of the post-game Lobby screen in Matchmade games
  • Reduced the memory usage of many different audio files
  • Made several improvements to the death ghost system, making them more reliable and less likely to show bullets passing through walls
  • Added Jackal and CDA headers to the two teams in the Lobby
  • After dropping a Carryable Objective using Alternate Fire, the previously selected item will now be chosen (rather than Primary)
  • Increased Merc selection time in Ranked lobbies to 50s (from 25s)
    • The extra time will allow for a more strategy when planning your team selection
  • Added a HUD indicator for when network conditions are considered poor
    • Our initial values can be tweaked in a future update if required
  • Disabled & removed the ‘Motion-Blur Skinning’ video option as it had no effect in-game
  • Removed several minor environmental effects on ‘Low’ and ‘Minimal’ graphics settings (plastic bags, pigeons, etc.)
  • Alt-F4 will no longer close down the game
    • This is to discourage rage-quitting, as it prevents closing the game instantly
  • Players are now only able to vote once for a Map in the Lobby
    • This is to stop players from spamming the map vote or changing their vote at the last second
  • Added Friends support to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games
  • Added player-muting support to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games
  • Added player reporting to the post game Lobby in Matchmade games

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!