Dirty Bomb presents… Obsidian Operatives

June 22, 2017

Suit up and boot up, Mercs!

Along with a Ranked Points weekend, today’s update brings some minor fixes, and some not-so-minor additions to the game.


For the next two weeks, something special is hitting the Store.

Ever since Dirty Bomb was kickstarted by Founders buying packs to support the game, players have requested more impactful skin changes for their Mercs. Today we’re taking a first step towards fully realizing this with the launch of a new Loadout Card line – Obsidian Operatives.

Dirty Bomb Obsidian Operatives

Arty, Stoker and Fletcher are getting their own preset Obsidian Loadout Cards, complete with leather jackets, facemasks and high-tech sportswear. These suited-up Mercs will make you the talk of London, so get them while they’re available!

Find them in the Dirty Bomb Store, individually or as a bundle, until the 6th of July.


Several new items have been added to the Ranked Store, giving you more to fight for and boosters to get you there faster.


Dirty Bomb Battle Hardened Trinket

Do you burn through Ranked Points like they were going out of style? Introducing the Battle Hardened Trinket, a shiny reminder of your Ranked Dedication.

This Trinket bursts apart with a glowing rage when you inspect it, and highlights your kills in the killfeed for other players. Purchase it for Ranked Points in the Ranked Store.


Dirty Bomb Ranked Boosters

Ranked Boosters can now be purchased in the Ranked Store. These premium items increase your base Ranked Point earnings by 50%, and continue to operate during Ranked Point Weekend events to double your earn rate – So this weekend is the best place to start!

Unlike Credit Boosters, Ranked Boosters work in real-time rather than match-time. Because of this, Ranked Boosters last for a number of days rather than hours.

They are still active in the down-time between Ranked Seasons, so be careful when purchasing close to the end of the Season.


  • Missions for the Execution game mode will no longer appear. Existing Execution Missions can still be completed
  • Added the Starter Pack DLC’s to a ‘Deals’ tab in the Store


  • Fixed bug where it was possible to purchase more than one Aura Obsidian Loadout Card
  • Fixed bug where Ranked Season 3 Case drops were not displayed in the post-game review
  • Fixed bug where it was possible to discover enemy players’ names in the lobby by muting them
  • Fixed bug where changes made in pre-game lobbies would not save


  • Fixed exploit where Sparks’ REVIVR could be fired without a cooldown (in an earlier hotfix)
  • Fixed bug where Vote-Kicked players were banned permanently on a server. They can now they can join again after the end of the match
  • Fixed bug where kicked players could rejoin a match in some instances
  • Fixed bug where players were not warned of an impending AFK vote kick. They are now presented with a warning 40s into AFK
  • Fixed bug where players could sometimes get stuck in a throwing loop until all throwables were depleted

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