Dirty Bomb Presents… Fine Tuning – November Update

November 12, 2015

While the Containment War Event rages on until the end of the month, we’re digging in for another round of tweaks and fixes in this month’s Fine Tuning Update. Put your bullet-point vest on and enjoy!

Dome Updates

With our brand new double-domed Objective map now in the wild, we’ve been monitoring the firefights and have made some adjustments. The biggest of these is to reduce defender bias on the first Objective by improving Jackal’s tactical options.

Red Courtyard Generator

Dirty Bomb Dome Red Courtyard Generator Change

To make it easier for Jackal to destroy the generator, the building above it has been removed to give Mercs with air support abilities a better chance to destroy it. The railings in front of the generator have also been collapsed, to allow for cleaner combat between Jackal’s Mercs near the generator and CDA’s on the lower ground.

Brewery Side MG

Dirty Bomb Dome Brewery Side MG Change

The MG nest in front of the brewery area has been raised onto a platform, giving Jackal a greater coverage of the CDA’s entrances to the Solar Station. When Jackal have pushed into the solar station, they now have a stronger tactical option for locking down the area and allowing their teammates to deliver the objective.

Other changes include:

  • Made trick jump on ‘Red Corner’ easier to perform, adding an entrance to the adjacent building immediately after the jump, and widening the exit
  • Moved crates on ‘Red Corner’ to provide more room in the corridor leading to the generator
  • Replaced the walljump above the ‘Red Courtyard’ generator with double wall jump and removed excess panels
  • Flipped the staircase leading up to the high platform overlooking the solar station
  • Altered the trick jump across the brewery allowing for less complex jumps from the generator’s side, and raised the generator slightly
  • Added broken wall to offer better spawn protection leading out of the forward route from Jackal’s initial spawn
  • Made pipe and van trick jumps up to the rooftop between the Pylons more forgiving, making it easier to move between them

For the full rundown of the latest patch, check it out on the forum here!