Dirty Bomb is Back: Instant Access, New Trailer, and Shiny Website

March 26, 2015

Put your radpants on, people – Dirty Bomb’s Beta is back online and here to stay. No more progress wipes – we’re now a fully live service. Read on for a new gameplay trailer, Instant Access to the game through the Merc Starter Pack, and a brand spanking website choc full of dirty goodies. Boom baby!

Open for Business Trailer

Our Mercs aren’t greedy, they’re just money-conscious, more motivated by the virtues of friendship and team building than the almighty dollar. Right? Decide for yourself in the latest gameplay trailer.

Instant Access with the Merc Starter Pack

You want in? With the Merc Starter Pack you get –

  • Instant Access to the game.
  • Permanently unlock five Mercs, each with unique abilities and personalities
  • 35,000 Credits which you can use to buy Equipment Cases, Trade-Up your Loadout cards and unlock future Mercs.

The Merc Starter Pack only costs $19.99 USD, includes over $40 USD worth of items and is available to everyone. Check it out!

A Shiny New Website!

Up until now we’ve been keeping a lot of awesome things under wraps, waiting for the right time to let you enjoy the fruits of our labour. With the closed beta now live, that time is now and our fancy new website is open and ready for business. With everything from Dirty Bomb news and media, to Merc bios and forums, you’ll find the dirt you need right here: www.dirtybomb.com.