Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha Officially Begins – Join Today!

January 30, 2013

Get ready to deploy, Soldier! We’re hugely excited to announce that the Dirty Bomb Closed Alpha has officially begun, and we’ve started mailing out alpha keys to members of the Dirty Bomb Founder’s Club. If you’ve already joined up, keep checking your inbox. If you’re dying to get into the Closed Alpha, visit the Founder’s Club website. You’ll be directly supporting Dirty Bomb’s development, and are able to shape what the game becomes through your feedback.

Dirty Bomb is powered by a great little tool we call Echo, and it’s a big part of why we’re able to give you access to Dirty Bomb this early in development. Developed by the talented chaps over at Fireteam, Echo basically collects and visualises detailed data from all of Dirty Bomb’s multiplayer servers, allowing us to balance and optimise the game in ways we couldn’t before.

We’re so excited by Echo that we’ve put together a brand-new video showcasing its role in Dirty Bomb’s development. Take a look:

Thanks to Echo, every single match that’s played in Dirty Bomb actively contributes to making the game better. If you’re itching for a chance to help test Dirty Bomb and give us your feedback during the Closed Alpha, check out the Dirty Bomb Founder’s Club. We hope to see you online in Dirty Bomb!