Daniel Ilabaca Heads up ‘Beyond the Brink’ Parkour Tour

August 17, 2010

Bethesda and Splash Damage have teamed up with world-famous Freerunner Daniel Ilabaca for a unique Parkour event headed to Europe this month. Titled Beyond The Brink, the tour will be stopping in eight European cities to meet local freerunners and train with them. Along the way, Daniel and his crew will putting together short films and interviews with the local freerunning community at each location.

The tour’s first stop will be at Elephant & Castle in London tomorrow evening, with the remaining cities closely behind. Here are all of the tour’s stops:

  • London – 17th August
  • Amsterdam – 19th August
  • Cologne – 21st August
  • Copenhagen – 24th August
  • Vienna – 26th August
  • Milan – 28th August
  • Barcelona – 31st August
  • Paris – 2nd September

For information on exact locations and times, check out the Parkour Tour website.

If you’re interested in following the Parkour Tour and keeping up to date about its progress, you can do so on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

In addition to all this, Daniel will also on hand at gamescom 2010 on the 20th of August to answer questions and play lots of Brink.