Community Question: Your Favourite QUAKE Wars Class

October 6, 2011

Our Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars appreciation week continues with a brand-spanking new Community Question. One of ETQW’s hallmarks aside from humongous outdoor maps, vehicle combat, and general all-around awesomeness were its asymmetric factions – the Earth’s own GDF army and the alien Strogg. Both sides sported five combat roles to choose from, each with its own weapon load-outs, items, deployables, and unique gameplay mechanics. With so many choices and different gameplay styles available in the game, what we’d like to poke your minds with today is the following question:

What’s your favourite combat role from Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars and what makes it great?

Are you a railgunning Infiltrator? A turret-toting Engineer? A spawn-hosting Technician? Let us know in the poll attached to the comments thread and don’t forget to share your tales of class awesomeness with us, as well.