Community Question: Watching Multiplayer Matches

December 22, 2011

Competitive play has been part of multiplayer games from the very beginning, with individuals and clans contesting everything from flags and skulls to bomb sites and entire hills. These days, online tournaments and matches of note are often available to be watched live via streams or TV clients, or can be viewed after the fact by way of video-on-demand or demo recordings.

This week’s Community Question seeks to find out how many of you have ever actually taken advantage of either form of match coverage, for any game out there (no matter what genre!):

How often do you watch live streams or recordings of multiplayer matches?

To cast your vote, head on over to this week’s Community Question poll and tick the appropriate options there. Also, if you can think of any stand-out examples of match coverage, either built directly into a game or provided by a third party, post them up in the comments.