Community Question: Powering Class Abilities

August 30, 2012

Community, all of our games have featured special abilities that are usually tied to the combat role you’ve selected. Be it the Medic’s health packs or the Lieutenant’s airstrike marker, these abilities are usually limited in some fashion to prevent them being spammed. For example, we’ve had energy meters that would slowly replenish. Another popular approach is to have each ability on a separate cooldown timer, so using one ability doesn’t preclude you from firing off another. What we’d like to know from you today is if you have a preferred approach for how abilities are powered in our games:

In a multiplayer shooter, how should your character’s special / class abilities be powered?

Cast your vote in this week’s Community Question poll and do let us know in the comments why you think your preferred approach is the way to go. We look forward to your replies!