Community Question: Matchmaking

August 31, 2011

Following last week’s shootilicious inaugural instalment, we’ve got an entire second community question for you to tackle today. This one’s all about matchmaking and what you want from it in an ideal world. Since matchmaking is largely at home on the consoles, this one’s primarily aimed at connoisseurs of those platforms, but feel free to chime in if you’ve had any sort of experience with matchmaking systems in the past.

So, today’s question is:

What is the most important thing for you when using a matchmaking system in a game?

We’ve compiled several choices for you in a handy poll attached to the comments thread for this story; please pick your preferred choice(s) from the list and briefly let us know why that’s important to you.

We have frequent debates about this subject here at the office, and it’s now up to you to settle them once and for all. We look forward to your replies!